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Backing up – Around the house

21 A wall or fence at the back of a border makes the perfect showcase for climbing plants and emphasizes the vertical aspects of your border. Climbing roses improve an old wall immensely, but remember that many of the old varieties flower for longer, and the simpler flowers of the clematis are a foil for the more complexly structured roses. Add an old-fashioned honeysuckle for scent; if it’s an evergreen one, so much time better for winter color.

Even if your border is bounded by a solid evergreen hedge, it’s still possible to introduce splashes of color using creepers such as the flame flower or the annual canary creeper. Place the tallest plants close to the boundary – shrubs, trees, and tall perennials such as the plume poppy, globe thistles, and hollyhocks. If your border is deep, make a concealed path between boundary and plants so that you can get in to stake, prune, and deadhead as necessary.

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