Care For Bonsai Tree

The technique of growing bonsai trees is an old technique which was originated from Japan many years back. This technique is mainly used for decorating the exposed corner of the house. But before growing this tree you need to know some important things in which care for bonsai tree is the most crucial step.

The most important elements which come under consideration here are fertilizers, water and light.


The soil which surrounds the roots of the bonsai tree is not rich in nutrients. Due to constant watering, the minerals and nutritional particles are washed out. Like all the other trees the bonsai tree need regular supply of food for surviving. Food which is required by the tree is extracted from the soil. For this purpose, it’s important to fertilize the soil on regular basis.

In order to take proper care of bonsai tree, you must know which types of elements are required for its survival. Most important elements which are required for its survival include potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. The fertilizers which are rich in these 3 mineral contents should be applied. The selection of a particular type of fertilizer may vary according to the species of the bonsai tree.


Water is the most essential component which is required by every tree. To take care of bonsai tree, you must water the tree on constant basis. If the tree is not watered for continuous 48 hours it might die within its tub. For identifying the proper time of watering, you need to consider few things.

The most appropriate way of identifying the right time for watering is by judging the soil. You need to consider the inner part of the soil. For that, you have to dig the upper surface of the soil. After digging, if you found that inner surface is moist then it means that you do not need to water it any more. If you found the inner surface dry then you must start watering immediately.


Sun rays are considered as basic necessities of every plant. Bonsai tree is mostly used for the decoration and is kept in a corner of the room. Due to lack of sunlight the tree often become weak and gradually dies.

To take proper care of bonsai tree, you must place your tree in the place where it can consume sunlight for several hours. But you must remember one thing that high temperature and extreme heat of sun is harmful for the bonsai tree. Keep your bonsai tree under some shade where it can consume the necessary amount of sunlight but avoid stark light.

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