Bonsai Trees – Indoor and Outdoor

Bonsai Garden Art from the Far East

A 200 years old tree with a size of only 50 centimeters? The garden art of bonsai making such a nature miracle possible!
More and more people are interested in this small nature of art. We show you in a series of videos, what makes bonsai, bonsai trees, how to maintain – and perhaps develop a new hobby.

The term bonsai refers to a make over 2000 years old garden art from the Far East, whose goal is a harmony between the elements of nature and man. This nature is represented by the tree, whereas man, in the form of his work: the seed shell.

Today, bonsai trees are often decorated in Japanese style. But the origin of bonsai art is located in China. Based on the Chinese landscape painting, did you get these pictures in the gardens. Entire landscapes have been adjusted – with stones were imitated mountain scenery and to be fit to scale the miniature trees.
More than a thousand years in China, then conquered the ‘pen jing’ called gardening Japan. There, the development led to an extreme simplification. Figures and stones were left out, left a tree in a dish was – reduced to the essentials.

This ‘plantation in the pan’ – as the free translation for bonsai – was only at the end of the 19th Century, popular in Europe. In nature, mold external influences, such as wind, rain or temperature, is a tree. When it takes the human bonsai. How to change the shape of the bonsai, showing the photo show.

There are basically two types of Bonsai: Bonsai the room and the outdoor bonsai. Rooms are suitable as bonsai tropical and subtropical plants. In summer, however, you should also use this Bonsai ‘treat of fresh air’ and put them on a balcony or terrace. Only when the temperatures drop below 15 ° C, they should be placed in the apartment. The Outdoor Bonsai, however, are anti-frost or Japanese native species.

Anyone want to buy a bonsai, needs not just their love of plants and a lot of time and patience. For it is only through years of work could the bonsai artist to give the tree a bit of his soul. And that’s what makes the bonsai will be a very special piece of art.

Toringo Crabtree

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