Bonsai Tree Care

Bonsai Tree Care Advice

The word bonsai is actually made up of two words. Bon and Sai, which respectively means tray and planting. Thus when both words are joined together the translation would give us tray planting.

But often, when people hear the word bonsai, they actually think of it as a type of tree. But what most people are not aware of is that bonsai is an art. It is an art of creating a harmony between a tree and a pot. This harmony comes in terms of shape, color, and texture. There are a lot of bonsai trees that exist today.

In this hub you’ll learn about Bonsai tree care, including some tips and advice for beginners. You’ll get some tips for soil, housing, pruning, lighting and watering. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page with your thoughts and your own advice, if you have any.

A Beautiful Bonsai Tree

Bonsai Tree Care Tips

Growing a bonsai tree involves a lot of commitment and creativity. This article teaches you simple techniques on how to grow and take care of your tree.

Water and Humidity To grow a bonsai tree, you need to follow proper ways of watering and ensuring the right amount of humidity. The tree needs to be immersed in water at least once a week. Keep the water until the bubbles stop reaching the surface. Doing so ensures that water reaches from top all the way to the bottom and allows the pot and soil to soak up their maximum water holding capacity. Never use excessive amount of water pressure like using a hose. Using too much pressure may blast soil out of the pots. Simply use a watering can in watering the tree.

Soil Using the right type of soil for your tree is a crucial part in the bonsai tree growing process. The right type of soil ensures a strong and healthy tree. In deciding whether what type of soil to use, one must consider two things. First, you must make sure that the soil has the capacity to retain water properly and absorb the nutrients from the air. The second soil quality that you should take in consideration is the soil drainage. You must choose a soul that does not retain too much moisture to avoid roots from rotting.

Housing Choose a pot that is not too deep nor not too wide. This is to allow growth and cultivation to your tree.

Pruning Too add harmony between the tree and the pot, one must add shape into it. Routinely remove branches that clutter your desired style and shape. Then prune to redirect the tree’s growth.

Light The tree would need the right amount of light to produce optimum results. Pick a spot outdoors where the sun can provide at least six hours of sunlight.

When you follow guidelines and tips on how to grow your bonsai tree, that is also when you can fully enjoy the grace and sophistication of your creation.

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