Four Ways to Grow & Reproduce Bonsai Trees

A Bonsai Money Tree - Sarah Smith

Growing Bonsai trees and learning how to manipulate the plant’s appearance is a fun and creative way for a patient gardener to grow a personalized plant.

There are numerous species of trees that can be made into a bonsai; in fact, almost any tree can be trained to become a bonsai tree. Before one can begin raising bonsai, however, he or she must propagate the tree; there are numerous methods one may complete the task.

Purchase a Young Bonsai From a Reliable Company:

Many firms sell young trees that have been trained as bonsai for a number of years. Curious beginners may benefit from purchasing a tree that has already been trained to become a bonsai. One must be cautious and make sure to invest in a reliable firm.

If a bonsai tree is being sold for less than $50.00, beware. It is likely fake or an unhealthy tree. Since (on average) it takes at least seven years for a bonsai tree to become healthy and strong, reliable growers will not sell their plants for very low prices.

Buy a Tree Seedling From a Nursery:

One may train any tree seedling into a bonsai tree if he or she is willing to spend several years training and growing a seedling. The trademark thick trunk of a bonsai tree takes a number of years to develop and may discourage eager gardeners.

Since most seedlings for sale in nurseries are no more than 3 years old, it will take many years for your seedling to resemble a bonsai tree.

Once one has purchased a seedling, it is the owner’s responsibility to learn how to thicken the tree’s trunk and train the foliage.

Root a Cutting From a Pre-Existing Tree:

Any one may root a stem cutting from any species of tree and propagate it into a bonsai. Obtain your cutting from a healthy node on the mother tree by using sterilized hedge clippers for large cuttings, or a sterile razor for smaller cuttings. Dip the end of the cutting into rooting hormone before planting it in fertile soil.

In time, the cutting will successfully root and provide its owner with a healthy start for bonsai. The rooted cutting will develop into a seedling similar to one that might be purchased from a store.

Grow a Bonsai Tree Directly From Seed

This method takes the longest amount of time to yield a mature bonsai tree. However, it is the method most often used by advanced bonsai enthusiasts. Growing a tree from seed requires patience and care, but it also allows one to manipulate the tree from the very beginning.

If you choose to start a bonsai from seed, expect to wait about ten years before the bonsai begins to truly take shape. You will have to raise the tree through its most vulnerable stages, but you will develop a deep bond with the plant.


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