How to Give Bonsai the Correct Amount of Light

Bonsai Needs the Correct Amount of Sunlight - djcodrin

If a bonsai was bought recently or a person has shown great interest in the hobby of bonsai growing, then it is vital that the bonsai is provided with a constant source of light. Bonsai requires light to photosynthesize and make food in the form of starch. Giving them light will ensure that they stay healthy and live longer in their lifetime. There are three essential tips that you must note when it comes to providing the bonsai with light.

Vast Amount of Sunlight

There is one thing about bonsai that needs to be understood. Bonsai are not flowers or simple plants , nor can bonsai be categorized as container plants .Bonsai are actually trees. They are just simply miniature version of it. Like any tree, it needs vast amount of sunlight for it to thrive and every leaf and branch should receive the same amount of sunlight.

The best way to do this is by regularly rotating them at timed intervals. Use an alarm or stopwatch to remind you to turn the plants. This is similar to when a baker or a cook needs to use an alarm to remind him when to take food out of the oven.

When placing the bonsai under direct sunlight, make sure that there are not external objects that will affect the amount of sunlight the bonsai gets. Putting sunlight near a window glass will cause the sunlight to be magnified and results in giving the bonsai too much sunlight. Make sure that the bonsai gets plenty of air as well.

Replacing Natural Light with Artificial Light Source if Circumstances Call for It

There are times that there is a need to rely on artificial light source when the situation calls for it. It is wrong to assume that the environment will provide adequate natural sunlight for the bonsai. Artificial lights are a great way to replace sunlight. The best type of light will be fluorescent light. The light source should be placed around 6-7 inches away from the bonsai. During undesirable times like winter, bonsai needs to be exposed to sunlight for about 12 hours a day.

Giving Them Too Much Light

As much as your bonsai requires light, too much light can kill it. Too much light will cause the bonsai to be dehydrated. The leaves will change colour and start to turn brown. Some species like the Japanese maple bonsai are highly susceptible to dehydration. So be careful and watch out for any signs of dehydration in your bonsai. Constantly check for any signs of dropping leaves and dry soil.

The best type of light that can be provided for the bonsai is one that is kept in moderation and having other alternative sources of light when the situation calls for it.


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