How to Wire a Bonsai Safely

Wires are Used to Shape a Bonsai - Francesco Marino

The purpose of the wiring is to shape the bonsai into any shape the owner desires. The most common way is using wires. Putting wires around bonsai is not as simple as just putting coils of wire around it. When wiring around the bonsai, it is important that it must be done correctly to avoid harm from coming to the trees.

Types of Wires

The most common material used for wiring is either aluminium coated or copper coated. More bonsai owners gravitate towards using the aluminium because it is more flexible than copper. Aluminium is not as sturdy as copper so it is advisable that copper wire be used for more studier and heavier varieties.

Wires have different thickness and different sizes are used for different part of the trees. The general rule to follow is that the thicker the branch, the thicker the wiring used for that part.

Wire the Bonsai as Early as Possible

Wiring the bonsai should begin at an early age. The younger your bonsai is, the easier it is to shape your bonsai. If the bonsai is allowed to grow any bigger, then it will be harder to shape as the branches are sturdier. When that happens, rewiring your bonsai becomes more common and rewiring should be reduced as much as possible.

Reduce Rewiring as Much as Possible

Reduce wiring as much as possible. This is important as the trees are miniature ones and rewiring often can cause serious damage to the trees. To reduce rewiring as much as possible, make sure that you wire the bonsai correctly in the first place. When wiring the tree, make sure that to start from trunk first then go onto the branches. Always have at least three turns around the bark before moving to the branches. The wiring should be just touching the surface but not so much that it bruises the bark or branches.

Another way to reduce wiring is not hastily removing the wire when the bonsai might not seem to be in shape. A bonsai can take up to a year seeing any significant shape taking place. Give the bonsai a time span of at least 9 months before considering removing the wires.

Always use a Wire Cutter to Remove the Wires

There will be a time when you want to change the direction the bonsai is growing and that will be the time to remove the wires. Always use a wire cutter to remove the wires because it is far easier and less harmful than using your hands. Buy wire cutters that have a round neck because a round neck one won’t damage the bark at all. Never ever remove the wires by hand.


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