How to Buy the Correct Bonsai Tree

Always Purchase a Healthy Bonsai - iStockPhoto

Always Purchase a Healthy Bonsai – iStockPhoto

Any beginner is overwhelmed with choices when it comes to buying bonsai. Buying a healthy bonsai from the beginning is key to a thriving bonsai.

Choosing the bonsai can be a daunting task for any bonsai amateur. With over 100 species of bonsai to choose from, it is very easy for beginners to choose an unsuitable bonsai. Take note that each species is unique by itself. Each species have its own specific growing techniques to thrive. When choosing a bonsai, take these factors into consideration.


First and foremost, answer these questions.

What type of bonsai is desired by the owners? What is the purpose of growing a bonsai? Is it one that can be used to decorate the house? Then consider buying the outdoor species since they are generally more colourful than indoor ones.

If the first is to gain more experience, then consider buying the elm or the fig species since they are one of the easiest bonsai tree to take care of. Defining the purpose goes a long way in choosing the correct bonsai.

Choose a Healthy Bonsai

Be on the lookout for sick bonsai even if they are being offered at a discount. Some bonsai can look healthy at first and then will shrivel down and die after a few days in your care. Check for signs of a healthy bonsai. The leaves should be vibrant and bright. Avoid leaves with shriveled foliage.

Look out for the trunk too. A sturdy trunk should have a broad base with a narrow apex all the way up. The roots of the tree should also be spread out evenly and clearly visible.

Consider the Home Environment

Look around the house and think of the living condition that can be provided for the bonsai. If living in an apartment, then it highly discouraged to purchase an outdoor bonsai since the compact size of a housing block can interfere with the environmental conditions required for the outdoor bonsai to thrive in. If there is a private garden, then the choices of bonsai can be more flexible.

Time Committed to the Bonsai

All bonsai require a passionate owner if they are to thrive. Bonsai takes years to grow and be perfected so all potential owners should ask themselves if they can commit the time to grow a bonsai that long. Indoor bonsai has more demanding condition than an outdoor bonsai so more time needs to be devoted to it.

Places to Buy a Bonsai

There are many places to buy a bonsai. From the local bonsai club to bonsai nursery to conventional shopping centres and even on the internet, the potential owners are spoilt for choices on where to buy a bonsai. Take note not all bonsai are treated and cared for equally at all places. Be extremely careful when buying bonsai online from so called experts. Actually, buying bonsai online is seriously not recommended. Shopping centres and department stores aren’t good places either. They are likely to be placed in an air-conditioned environment not suitable for bonsai.

The best place will be from a bonsai garden or nursery or the nearest horticultural society. They can aid with any questions the owners might have. But take note then buying from these places are generally more expensive since they are of a higher quality. But take into account the fact that a bonsai stays with its owner for a lifetime. Take some time to deliberate which bonsai to purchase.

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