Using bonsai wire for wiring

images (2) It is very important to understand how to use the wires for wiring your bonsai tree.

The best way to do it is by holding the branch with one hand while wrapping the wire around it in a clockwise direction.

Once you reach the end of the branch or trunk ensure that you make the last turn of the bonsai wire at right angles to the branch. This would ensure that the branch wiring would not come out.

After the branch or trunk is completely wired anchor it to the neighbouring branch or to the soil. After wiring is done bend the branch to the desired shape. While bending the branches be careful so as not to apply too much pressure on the tree.

Pay attention to any breaking sound and stop immediately if you feel the branch or the trunk is under too much strain.

Ideally if wiring is carried out during the spring or summer seasons, the branches would set in the new position pretty quickly as the growth would be vigorous. If wiring is done during the winter season then the plant would take much time to set into its new position.

You need to take certain precautions while wiring your plant with the bonsai wires. Do not tighten the wire too wired, as it might lead to scars on the branch which generally takes a lot of time to heal.

You could also consider not watering your plant a day prior to carrying out the wiring exercise. This would keep the branches supple and comparatively softer. Also consider keeping your plant in the shade for around two to three weeks after the wiring has been done.

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