Bonsai Plant Food

images (2) Living things need more than just water to grow and live – plants included. Bonsai, regardless if they are merely the “dwarf” versions of normal trees still require some sort of food to keep them healthy and alive.

Fertilizer is considered as the plant food. And since bonsai does not differ much from other plants, they need fertilizer as well. As with any plant specie, natural bonsai plant food include sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. These are converted into sugar and carbohydrate and will serve as food for the plants.

Fertilizer is a bonsai plant food that is capable of providing the bonsai trees with necessary vitamins and minerals. For example, in order to help with the various enzyme processes and cell division, the fertilizer supplies three elements: potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous.

Nitrogen is an important element in the bonsai plant food. It is responsible for the tree’s green color and the elongation of its leaves. It is known to assist in the bonsai’s growth, is proven to influence internodes growth, and is vital for the production of protein.

Phosphorous is likewise necessary for the division of cells. But on top of that, this element is also required for fatty substances, DNA, and RNA, and contributes to giving the leaves a darker shade of green. Potassium works to develop cell enzymes and is responsible for making cell activities healthy.

Fertilizer is taken in by the tree through absorption via the roots. This process called osmosis points out that the bonsai plant food being absorbed has less concentration. The resulting solution consists of water and fertilizer which has the ability to move farther within the plant. Although fertilizer can be absorbed via the foliage as well, it is a given fact that major absorption happens through the plant’s roots.

Due to this fact, it is recommended that bonsai plant food be in liquid form as it is easier to absorb, and is proven to provide direct results. If you intend to use fertilizer often, diluting the solution will benefit the plant more as this lessens the salt content.

You now know that the three elements in bonsai plant food are necessary for its optimum health. So, don’t just buy the first fertilizer you see on the shelf. Before you make a purchase, ensure that it contains potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Otherwise, the chosen bonsai plant food will not be of much use to the plant.

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