How To Plant Bonsai Tree

images (1) Even if growing a bonsai plant is an art, there are still special techniques to be followed in order to successful in it. Most people who attempt to grow their first bonsai usually fail because they treat this plant as an ordinary houseplant.

Before you even try planting your own bonsai, it is best to read several materials about this very interesting plant. You don’t have to be a garden expert to know how to plant bonsai tree, but then there are important things that you should learn nonetheless.

It will also help if you see all the various types of bonsai plants from their nurseries so you will have a better idea what type you want to grow. There are two fundamental bonsai styles: the classic or the “koten”, and the comic or informal or “bunjin”. The trunk of the classic bonsai has a wider base which tapers to the top. The bunjin is the exact opposite, and is a style that is much more complicated to learn and master.

During your research on how to plant bonsai tree, you probably came across the fact that the bonsai’s growth starts as a shrub or a young tree. Thus, when you have figured out what type of bonsai plant you want to grow, plant it in the ground or in a huge pot until it matures. This will hasten its growth and will give its roots better strength. If you choose to plant it inside a pot, remember that the depth of the pot should correspond to the width of the trunk. That is, the wider the bonsai’s trunk, the deeper your pot is supposed to be.

When the plant has matured enough, you may style it into a bonsai. Prepare a pot and cover its holes with a thin fabric or a screen to prevent soil-clogging when watering the plant. Since the bonsai plant won’t be as strong once potted, you may choose to style the plant before taking it out from its original location.

When removing the plant from the original location, do it by loosening the soil surrounding the roots using a stick. Scrape about one-third or half of the soil. Trim the exposed roots using a pair of scissors, then place the plant in the prepared pot. Fill the pot with the potting mixture and decorate the top with moss, fine bark, or pebbles, and you are now ready to give it the style you want, if you hadn’t done so yet.

Knowing how to plant bonsai tree is not at all complicated. Like all art, you only have to love what you’re doing to create a masterpiece.

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