All About Bonsai Care

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Proper bonsai care is vital to grow the plant well. To keep the plant healthy and beautiful, you should obtain basic knowledge of bonsai care like proper positioning and watering. Pruning of branches and roots as well as repotting of the tree is also needed and lastly, careful wiring of the plant should be learned. Follow the guidelines below for proper bonsai care:

Where to position the bonsai tree:

There are several species of bonsai trees and every one of them has its own delicate method of bonsai care. However, they should all be kept out of direct sunlight when they are placed outdoors. They should also have good and adequate air circulation, proper humidity and should also be placed where they can be maintained suitably like whenever they need to be watered, fed and trimmed. It is actually very easy to determine if the bonsai tree likes its current position. You will see evident signs of stress like bending of branches, dryness and discoloration. Once you have noticed these things, immediately place the bonsai tree to another location.

How to water the bonsai tree:

Another element of proper bonsai care is watering. Frequency of watering always depends on the condition of the bonsai tree. Heat and dry wind often makes the soil dry and because of this you need to regularly monitor the soil’s moisture. During summer, you need to water your bonsai tree several times a week and everyday during extremely hot conditions. It is also advisable to move the bonsai tree under a shaded area. You do not really have to worry if your bonsai tree is placed outside where they can be watered by rain during winter season.

When and what to feed the bonsai tree:

Proper bonsai care also requires proper feeding. To maintain a healthy bonsai tree, use of the correct fertilizer at the right time of the year is needed. There are several types of fertilizers that can be used for your bonsai tree but the most common is Osmocote. It is a pellet-type, slow-release fertilizer that is sufficient for one week of use. Others use powder and liquid fertilizers for fast effect over a short period of time.

Type of soil to use:

The commonly used soil is a potting mix. You can by this type of soil from bonsai nurseries. This type of soil is very cheap, convenient and easy to use. Some make their own potting mix using loam, sphagnum peat moss and granite. All of these materials are easy to obtain.

When to trim a bonsai tree:

In pruning, you should also know the type of bonsai tree that you have. New growth is pruned during the growing season while trimming of the hardwood is done during autumn.

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