Bonsai Care Instructions

images (8) If you are considering buying a bonsai, it is recommended that you gather enough information about general horticulture and basic care for potted plants. Growing a bonsai will not be accomplished successfully unless you have gained sufficient knowledge about plants and have acquired deep understanding on the specific bonsai care instructions.

If you are in a possession of a bonsai that you do not have any idea what specific specie it belongs to, then you won’t be able to properly take care of it. Thus, before you try knowing the basic bonsai care instructions, make sure you have determined the type of plant you have. For instance, if it belongs to the deciduous bonsai type and you decide to place it indoors, then you are likely going to kill it. Likewise, a tropical bonsai placed outdoors in intensely cold temperatures will also die. If you can’t figure out the particular bonsai specie, get help from people who will be able to identify the plant for you.

Your research will probably tell you that watering is the most challenging among the bonsai care instructions. Your bonsai is more likely going to die with improper watering technique more than all the other causes combined. Check daily the moisture content of the plant’s soil by inserting a chopstick or toothpick through the soil. If the chopstick or toothpick is not wet but merely damp, it is time to water the plant thoroughly.

Light and the site where you will be putting your bonsai at, are also part of the bonsai care instructions. Bonsai needs light. However, its light requirements differ according to location, plant specie, and climate. Thus, some plants may need the sun’s full impact, while others may simply require a dose of indirect sunlight throughout growth season. If you live in places or houses where it is impossible to let your tropical bonsai get its required share of sunlight, then it should be placed outdoors all throughout its growing season. If your bonsai is seeing the sun less often than it’s supposed to, you may use artificial light to compensate for the absence of real sunlight.

There are really no specific bonsai care instructions that will work for all types of bonsai. Since various species have different needs, they all should be treated distinctly from one another. After all, no two species are ever alike. They may look the same, but they are always varied in some other way.

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