Japanese Bonsai Gardens

images (10) The Japanese style garden is so unlike the Western style. For one, most people would say that the Japanese gardens offers a more soothing and meditative ambiance. This style of gardening utilizes shrubs, trees, sand, ponds, artificial hills, flowing water, and rocks which allow it to artistically mimic nature.

Most people associate Japanese garden with bonsai trees. And surely, this art of “dwarfing” trees can be traced back as a part of Japanese culture. The cultivation of bonsai trees have now become more than just a horticultural trend. As a unique form of art, bonsai trees have captured the hearts of those who never even consider themselves as “green thumb”.

A Japanese bonsai garden should be the perfect sanctuary for your bonsai tree collection. Bonsai, like Zen, are two of the most distinguishing features of a Japanese garden. Thus, creating a Japanese bonsai garden shouldn’t be hard at all. Your miniature trees will give the kind of atmosphere required in a Japanese bonsai garden.

Before you can successfully make your own Japanese bonsai garden, you need to know a lot about bonsai first. Since these serve as the highlight of the place, it would be best if trees are healthy and they are cared for appropriately.

A nice bonsai tree is one that gets a balanced of the essentials. That is, it should have the right amount of water, plant food, light, and attention. Since this kind of tree requires more of your time than any other trees in nature, make sure that you can provide such time before you even attempt to “build” a Japanese bonsai garden. If you bought your bonsai trees pre-shaped, your collection may just go into permanent dormancy with lack of proper care.

People who have grown one or more bonsai trees may want to create a Japanese bonsai garden where they can display their trees in. Although some people may simply want to put trees in significant areas in the house, there are those who would want to place them in one special location.

A Japanese bonsai garden does not merely serve as a showcase of your artistry, but it can also serve as a place where you can unwind, meditate, and un-stress. It is not a surprise why Japanese gardens are always thought of to have something to do with Zen and bonsai trees. After all, these are the very characteristics which make them standout from all the other styles of garden.

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