Informal Upright Bonsai Style

Informal Upright Bonsai Style

Also called Moyogi, the Informal Upright incorporates trunks and branches with pronounced bends, simulating a tree in the wild that changes direction from the wind or to move towards the sunlight.

The trunk is still tapered as in the formal upright, but makes a bend to the right or left which is balanced by the placement of the branches. This style looks more like the way a tree exposed to the elements would grow in nature. Just like the Formal Upright, the branches and foliage of the tree are more dense the higher up the trunk they go. In the Informal Upright style, the apex of the tree (the top) is usually directly above the base of the trunk, so even though the trunk bends, the overall effect is that of fully upright tree.

Most species of sturdy plants are suitable for this style, the most poplar being Maple, Beech, almost all Conifers, and ornamental trees are also appropriate.

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