Why Grow A Bonsai

images (4) To many, the bonsai is a cute and beautiful work of plant art. However, other people often question the purpose of the bonsai’s existence. Is it just a mere whim of humans to limit a plant’s growth and display its success to the world? Or is it also a statement of human practicality and ingenuity? Just read on and you will find out.
This art of plant making has been developed in China a long time ago. Contrary to how the modern human sees the bonsai, these plants were considered of utmost importance during those early times. The bonsai art was developed to easily transport herbal plants from one place to another. You see, moving actual acacia or maple trees for medical purposes is quite difficult compared to transporting their potted versions. This was actually a breakthrough technology that sent the Chinese herbal medicine science into a well-deserved boom.
That was how useful it was a few centuries ago. This is how functional it is nowadays…
Bonsai plants are like emblems of the past. They are embodiments of ever-thriving traditions and knowledge that need to be upheld. As such, every glance at a bonsai plant will remind you that as a human, you have the power to limit what nature has to offer. However, this power need not be abusive. It must be warm and caring for without such characteristics, the bonsai or the embodiment of nature will die.
These beautiful beliefs also contribute to bonsai cultivation’s relaxing qualities. It makes perfect sense for unwinding with a lot meaning. Instead of getting drunk or going to malls, you will find that growing a bonsai is all you need to release the positive energy in your life.
Today’s modern world is also a very little one. Too many people sharing this earth results to too little space. As such, many people do not get to take glances on big trees and plants they so wished to see. Urbanization also adds to this problem. People in the city do not get to see as much natural beauty. The beautiful flowers and trees seem to have been reserved for the people of the countryside. The bonsai defies all these by being of a perfect size, ready to fit into any modern home’s minimal space… ready to merge itself into an urbanized person’s life!

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