Bonsai Pots

Bonsai Pots

You may wish to change the pot that your bonsai lives in. Maybe your tree is now too large for its original pot. Or, maybe you want to change the color or shape of the pot. Whatever your reasons for changing your bonsai pot there are a large variety of styles, colors and shapes to choose from.

Bonsai Pot Selection

Your Bonsai pot should be unglazed on the inside, have two or more drainage holes, be flat-bottomed so water can not pool, and the base will be raised off the ground by feet to ensure that water is able to drain away from the pot. For a fully grown Bonsai the depth of the container should be equal to the width of the base of the trunk. The exception to this rule is for trees in the cascade style, which should always be placed in pots that are much deeper. The increased depth
provides stability for the tree.

The container should be shaped roughly the same as the crown of your tree, and the diameter of the pot should be less than the height of the tree (the ideal is for the diameter to be two-thirds the height of your tree). Don’t stress this too much in your early days – concentrate on growing your tree. Once you have a strong healthy tree you can then start to think about what container it should be in. Choose a round or oval container for those trees that have a soft outline, and a rectangular container for trees that are more sharply define.

Color of your Bonsai Pot

The color of your pot should complement your tree not distract the viewer. Avoid highly glazed, brightly colored or pots with crazy patterns on them.

Remember, you are choosing a bonsai pot that complements your tree.

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