Learn How To Prune Your Bonsai Tree

Bonsai PruningOne of the keys to successfully creating a wonderful bonsai tree is through effective pruning. There are numerous species of tree available to turn into a Bonsai and therefore, you would not be surprised to learn that there are numerous Bonsai styles available that require slightly different pruning techniques. Pruning can enhance the overall appearance of your bonsai but it can also affect the health so extra caution is needed. It will take some time to learn and master the art of pruning but once you get there, you will find the activity worth your time.

When to Prune Your Bonsai

Bonsai pruning should typically be conducted in Spring as this is when a tree is at its most active in terms of growth. It is advised that you seek the help of your local garden center to ensure that you know when your particular tree should be pruned. Be aware that a Bonsai will require pruning in the same season that its fully grown equivalent.

It is imperative that you allow your plant to recover after it has undergone some severe pruning. Your focus should be on the main trunk of the tree – allow your eye to visualize the tree after it has been pruned. You are looking for a natural effect that is sympathetic to trees found in the wild. Consequently, do not allow branches to cross over each other, remove branches that are growing at the same level and ensure you tree tapers inwards as you move to the apex.

Take note also that what you do above ground will also affect the tree from below the ground. For instance, if you prune your bonsai in the leaves and branches heavier than what is required and you do not carry out the same performance in the roots, when your tree grows back it will fix the unevenness, prompting it to grow more. So always ensure that you maintain an even distribution of roots.

Bonsai Health

Bonsai pruning is a necessary subject as this helps a lot in maintaining your plant’s health and growth. Some trees respond in a good and natural way while others require a long time to recover. Ensure that you only use tools that are sharp and unsoiled otherwise you will leave a tattered stump on your plants allowing diseases and pests to attack your tree.

Pruning bonsai trees is done throughout the life of your tree as this helps maintain the miniature size as well as giving the plant a more matured appearance.

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