About What We Call Bonsai Seeds

The question we will answer in this article is: Do bonsai seeds exist? The answer is NO. There is no such thing as bonsai seeds. However, tree seeds exist. Let me explain.

You cannot plant a supposed “bonsai seed” and expect to grow a masterpiece bonsai. At most, you will get a tree in a pot, which is the equivalent of the literal translation of the Japanese term “bonsai”. Furthermore, a simple stick in a pot will not pay much hommage to the long refined Japanese art that is bonsai. Like many art forms, rules of design exist. Those rules and the techniques to apply them will keep a dwarf tree and make it appear to be a miniature tree in all of his proportion resulting in what we call a Bonsai.

Therefore, if there are no bonsai seeds, which seeds should I purchase? The answer is: any tree seeds. In fact, all seeds advertised as “bonsai seeds” are only tree seeds. If you plant them, do not utilize proper techniques and give the tree the opportunity to reach maturity, it will become a tree similar to those found on your street or at the park. With a few exceptions, such as genetic deformation in the core of the seeds and malformation in the growing process, all seeds are tree seeds.

However, some seeds will produce dwarf trees even though they are of the same species. These seeds derive from a plant affected by a type of fungus called the “Apiosporina collinsii”, which will attack the genetics of the seed. This new genetic code will be reproduced in the seed. We must inform you that these genetically modified trees rarely produce seeds, so they are pretty rare. In English, they are referred to as “Witch broom” and “Yatsubusa” in Japanese. Yatsubusa, meaning eight (8) buds, refers to the very compact growth habit of these plants. For the previously mentioned reason, the easiest method to obtain a Yatsubusa is to propagate with cuttings rather than seeds.

In conclusion, we can write of “bonsai seeds” being at most, tree seeds of species preferred by bonsai enthusiasts. Mishobonsai.com is all about providing tree seeds of the species you prefer to grow as bonsai. Should we be able to acquire seeds that produce very specific characteristics such as dwarfness, they will be sold in the Specialty buy section of the store.

Avid full time hobby bonsai grower. As been practicing bonsai and gardening for more then 8 years. Owner of http://www.mishobonsai.com, a website with ressource for bonsai seeds and tree seeds.

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