How To Feed Your Bonsai

Bonsai Tree Care AdviceGrowing a Bonsai tree is just like having a pet. You have to nurture it and feed it with the things it needs to make it grow healthy and strong. If you are trying to maintain a flower budding or fruit tree then you also have to give it just what it needs to ensure that it will deliver its treat.

So, how to feed your bonsai?

It’s simple; just don’t try to take it too literal. Watering it and giving it fertilizer, organic or non-organic, is one way of feeding it to nourishment. Also, you can count in spraying of pesticides and other needed cleaners to keep its leaves healthy and strong.

The use of Bonsai fertilizers of different kind should also be understood by you to ensure that you are giving your bonsai tree what it needs. And remember, you are not to overdo the feeding or it will turn your bonsai into an over nourished plant; leaving it to wither and die. Fertilizers come in the following forms: pellet, liquid or powder.

The pellet-type fertilizers have been developed to slowly release their nutrients to the bonsai tree. Each dosage you use can last for as long as several weeks, which makes it the favorite of most bonsai collectors and enthusiasts.

Another good source of nutrients for your bonsai tree is soluble powder. This type of nourishing fertilizer is a quick acting nutrient. The application of this type of fertilizer requires some preparation. You have to dissolve it in water and then use the solution to watering the tree. Remember to keep your hands clear of both the powder and solution as it can causes skin burns.

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