How to Buy a Bonsai Tree From the Store

Buy a Bonsai TreeGrowing a bonsai tree from a small sapling is an extremely rewarding activity. However, it does take time, patience and a little knowledge to get it right. What if you want to skip all that and just buy an established Bonsai? What should you look for when buying a bonsai from the store? After all these little trees can set you back anywhere between $30 and $100!

Buying a Bonsai? What To Look For

One of the easiest things to look at when choosing an established Bonsai is its overall appearance. Does it look healthy? Do the leaves look bright and healthy? It may look really great from a distance but get up close and personal! Look for yellow or withering edges on the leaves as this could be a sign of disease. The trunk should also look the color of a trunk and not peeling or dry.

After viewing the tree, it is also best that a wise buyer look at the pot that it is planted in. Look at the surfaces of the pot and even check underneath it. This is because of the fact that where it is now planted is going to be its home for sometime unless you are planning of a major transplant. Look for signs of neglect such as cracks and insect nests.

When choosing a healthy bonsai from the store, it is a must that you become a very keen observer and a wise buyer. Remember that this miniature tree is going to stay with you for a while, if not survive you. If you come to choose an unhealthy one, you have just thrown away a chunk of your hard-earned money! That is definitely what you would not one, and neither any bonsai collector. Thus, one should meticulously check the leaves, the stems, the trunk, the pot, and the veins of the prospected bonsai each time buying a ready to display product from a store.

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