Bonsai Tree Care Advice

Bonsai Tree CareCaring for Bonsai trees is an art that has really taken off over the past few years. Whilst growing a Bonsai could be considered gardening, it does not require hours of kneeling outside picking weeds, trimming hedges or mowing lawns! Consequently, growing and caring for a Bonsai can be taken up by the young and old alike.

Bonsai Tree Care Top Tips!

I have put together some top tips for those considering Bonsai as a hobby. These are some of the lessons that I have learnt over the years:

  1. Growing Bonsai trees is an outdoor activity. Whilst there are some trees that can survive indoors they still require plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Remember Bonsai’s are real trees that need to be in their natural environment. Set yourself up an area outside where you can begin to grow your collection of Bonsai trees. Both you and your trees will be all the better for it!
  2. Accept the fact that you will make mistakes. It is from making mistakes that we learn and grow as people.
  3. In making these mistakes you are likely to kill a few trees along the way. Don’t get too upset, these things happen. And don’t think that just because you killed your first Bonsai that you should drop the hobby and never touch another tree again! I killed my fair share of Bonsai’s-to-be in my early days.
  4. Don’t take on too much. Start with one or two trees and learn all you can about them. If you happen to kill one of them (or maybe even both of them!) then try to work out why they died. Learn from the experience and start again. Once you have mastered one type of tree then build your collection by adding a different type of tree.
  5. Join a Bonsai club in your local area. Not only will you get to meet new people but you will also benefit from their experience of growing Bonsai’s. These clubs often run workshops and guest speakers – if you have the time they are worth attending.
  6. Visit Bonsai gardens and exhibitions. These daytrips will help give you ideas and more importantly they will increase your enthusiasm for growing your own Bonsai!
  7. Patience. The beauty of growing Bonsai trees is that they can not be rushed. You need to nurture the tree to be a thing of beauty. It may take 3 years or it may take ten years before your plant becomes a Bonsai. But I can tell you that the feeling of accomplishment once you realise that your little plant is now a full grown Bonsai is amazing!
  8. Finally, have fun with it! Growing and caring for a Bonsai is not supposed to be stressful!

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