Bonsai Vitamins Fertilizers And Your Growing Bonsai

images (6) In using fertilizer for your growing bonsai, you need to exercise proper balance and lots of attention to detail. Your determination to make your bonsai grow lies in many factors but it ultimately boils down to your determination and consistency.
It’s not just humans that need tender loving care. Bonsai plants need that extra care too especially when it is during their growing period. It is very important to note that bonsai will not grow on its own with mere fertilizer alone. It mainly grows from carbon dioxide and water. But this does not mean that fertilizers are no longer important. Just like vitamins are to the human body, fertilizers give vitality to bonsai plants that cannot be attained by mere infusion of carbon dioxide and water.
The elements of fertilizer must include phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. These nutrients in fertilizer are incorporated in the mixture to aid in cell division of the bonsai and other processes that are vital for effective photosynthesis. As a bonsai owner, you must know what these particular elements do to your bonsai plant. It’s like getting to know what your own vitamins do for your body.
Fertilizers naturally come from soil, but there is still a need to put more fertilizer through absorption in the roots or in the foliage. When you are growing bonsai, in a way it is unnatural to make use of soil from containers to grow it. Garden settings are different from naturally grown settings. Thus you will really need the fertilizer to recreate the same amount of nutrients that can be found from healthy soil with lots of manure in it.
In using fertilizers, find the trusted brand in your area. Check for which brands work best under the particular soil you are using. Consult expert advice and team up with other bonsai enthusiasts so that you can maximize your experience. You don’t have to do trial and error to find the perfect fertilizer. Other peoples’ experience may be just as valuable and time-saving, so make sure you did find other people who are experienced in growing bonsai before you start out.
When you have finally settled with what fertilizer brand to use, read the manual. Don’t underestimate the written things in the fine print. Make sure you have read and understood all the instructions written there. It is attached to the ingredient to aid you in using the product so don’t just disregard it and place the fertilizer in any way you choose.
While it’s always possible to be precise up to the last drop, make sure that you have estimated as properly as you can the amount you will place on your soil. Too much fertilizer may do much harm. On the other hand, too little may not help you achieve the desired growing results. Do everything in the right measure.
Bonsai growing requires a lot of balance, even in applying fertilizer. It is really an art in itself and something that you can get used to as you go along with your bonsai-growing hobby.

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