Bonsai Artificial Ground Cover Choices and Decorations

tải xuống You can always find the ideal complement to your tree. Add moss or another living ground cover around your tree to give it a more elegant look. You can also accidentally make your ground cover a distraction, so be sure to choose wisely. You want the tree to be the center of attention, but you can add elements that will allow additional interest and balance without taking importance away from the tree itself.

Adding tiny sculptured items on the ground beneath the tree branches is a great way to add more to your tree’s appearance. You can find the over-used miniature Buddha, or find a unique, elegant and tasteful element of your own that will fit there.

Deadwood, for example, is another popular choice. These tiny bits of gnarled wood will add a natural element to your tree. If you have curved branches on top, it will give the appearance of a real bonsai tree in ideal miniature, which is the ultimate goal.

Make sure that the deadwood you are using does not have any diseases or potentially harmful items that will hurt your bonsai. Tree branches that have diseases can break down and get into the soil, affecting your tree. Most of the time, the tree’s breakdown is not a problem, but if you have a soaked dead branch, it can encourage fungus or other soil bacteria.

Before you put the deadwood on your tree ground, try a mixture of lime and sulphur to ensure that that most common types of problems are eliminated. The branch will also be well bleached. Not all deadwood branches can be bleached in this way for aesthetic reasons, but you can also try getting rid of the problems with coffee grounds.

One of the most effective herbicides for bonsai trees is Armillatox. It is great against bacteria or fungus problems. Many wood stains will also contain compounds that will kill organisms and give your deadwood the look you want.

You can also find artificial and lovely deadwood choices that can be added to the bonsai design. Find a small ceramic or stone sculpture that will look great. You can find hundreds of choices from the abstract to the colorful, animals to emblematic signs.

Most bonsai artists will avoid a miniature human figure, but you can find a small ceramic frog, for example, which is said to bring good luck. The pot that the tree is in can also be a great design element as well. You will need to find a pot that fits your tree, which can be tricky. The pot should, however, be appropriate as far as size, color and material that does not work against your ground cover. Some pots will clash with your tree, including a flat, stone bonsai design that will not look right next to a colorful and shiny pot.

The ultimate look is the culmination and blending of the artist and tree’s magnificence brought together for a great look and art piece.

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