How To Start Planting Bonsai Trees

images (9) Of course, you know what we call bonsai trees. And certainly, they hooked you too as they do with almost everybody who saw them. These miniature copies of big trees are really beautiful and can be a source of joy and good moon in your garden for long. The style and the size of bonsai trees vary a lot and their beauty and fragile strength impress people all over the world but not only in the cradle of this unique art of growing dwarf trees. We mean Asian countries.

Nevertheless, it is not an easy task to create your own bonsai tree and you should know a lot and learn how to do it first. We have access to information on bonsai trees planting due to modern computers and the internet; however, to talk to someone in forums will be the better way to know more about these miraculous miniature trees. There you will speak to other people who have some practice in growing their own bonsai and can give your some advice.

Yes, this stunning art comes from Asia and the history of this phenomenon and the term itself started in China but not in Japan as many people think. Growing miniature trees in the trays is one of the cultural traditions of Vietnam along with China and Japan. This form of art is used for contemplation and for decoration and has long history and deep roots and if you are going to learn it, you will add tradition of bonsai tree growing into your own home decoration and your lifestyle in general.

The source material for correct selecting of a plant may be found at your local nursery. But it is strongly recommended not to try to grow a bonsai tree from a seed because the process will be too long and very specific. As a rule it takes much time to get a mature bonsai plant from seed. It is very important what type of bonsai tree you are going to grow – indoor trees or outdoor plants.

You should choose correctly even size and style of a container for your bonsai tree. It must have some holes in the bottom for water and must match the final looks of the miniature tree and its aesthetics. Training containers can be used for several plants at the same time, but for the final planting of your bonsai tree you need less soil and container size. If you are planting only one tree, use the same tray for it.

During the growth of every bonsai tree, you should use some basic technique of shaping and training your miniature miracle. The information on the subject of clamping, pruning and trimming leaves can be easily found over the internet.

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