Taking Care Of Bonsai Trees

images (8) We live in the modern world and we use bonsai trees as a decoration of the empty corners of our houses. These tiny trees add some special eastern charm to the interior of our homes. Many plans lovers are eager to decorate their dwelling with these miniature trees but they change their mind as they do not know how to take care of bonsai plants in a proper way. But it is not as difficult as it may seem from the beginning. Just consider some things as a guide. You should think of soil, pruning, shaping and watering of course.

Soil is very important in maintaining your bonsai tree. Everything depends on the quality of the soil: transpiration, feeding, rooting and watering. During the growing season you must fertilize your bonsai plants with special fertilizer. You should do it at least once in a month. A water-soluble fertilizer must be applied on wet soil. It depends on the species of bonsai plants what type of fertilizer to select.

To take sufficient care of bonsai trees, you should understand the importance and all the nuances of watering. Every living organism extremely needs water, it is essential for houseplants too. Dehydration may be one of the causes of bonsai tree death. Dehydration is caused by the lack of watering. For maintaining your bonsai plant watering is quite necessary. People usually ask how often they must water their houseplants. This question is not so confusing, it is simple. You should water your tree when the soil in the tray is drying out and you can see it. Do not forget that over-watering is harmful for the tree too.

Now about pruning. There are two main types of pruning: branch pruning and root pruning. For branch pruning spring is the most preferable season. All excess branches should be removed. But some day your bonsai tree becomes root bound and its roots must be pruned in a proper way too. Your bonsai plant must be repotted every two or three years.

You should know about bonsai wiring if you want to grow your plant into an art form. It is a kind of advanced skill to control the direction of the branches and wire desirable branches. If done properly, wiring can give your bonsai tree a desirable shape but if done incorrectly it can damage the whole plant.

After looking through this article and the mentioned information, you should clarify about taking care of bonsai trees. The mentioned aspects are very effective and will give you fast results. If you follow them, you may be sure that you will grow attractive and healthy bonsai tree. You will not have only a beautiful plant in some corner of your dwelling but a hobby too.

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