The Glimpses Of Bonsai History

images (7) The origin of this tender and meditative art is hidden in the history of Egyptian and Eastern civilizations. The genesis of the art of bonsai growing is very interesting and it attracts more and more bonsai lovers all over the globe. These tiny trees are forced to grow in trays. It is a kind of anomaly and sometimes it has gained the criticism.

Do you know how this art started? It can be traced back to the initial times of Egyptian civilization and we have evidences shown by pectoral records the plants potted somewhere around 4 000 BC. Various temples received trees in the stone-cut pots from pharaoh Ramses III.

We can find the word ‘penzai’ in the ancient Chinese writing between 3rd and 5th centuries AD. Then it was the time of the Dynasty Jin. A number of changes has been added to this art since then and new elements went through the years and through the different cultures.

Later the art with elements of bonsai traveled from China to Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Japan. The Japanese improved this art of growing miniature trees and started planting them for decoration of their gardens and homes. Tokugawa period of Japanese history made more changes in the art and there was started the tradition of growing tiny trees in shallow pots with earth.

One of the oldest bonsai tree is kept in Japan and this five-needle pine is five hundred years old.

The bonsai art has been changed into the modern bonsai in the western countries. Bonsai history says that bonsai plants were brought to the west from China and Japan. The first bonsai exhibition took place in Paris at the end of 19th century. Later were held several other exhibitions and they generated the interest of the public. But some people considered that the trees looked tortured and unnatural.

However, the opinion of the people on this subject started to change, especially with the end of the World War II, when solders brought home miniature copies of large trees and the public interest in bonsai trees was inspired. People wanted to know more about this eastern miracle and what was more important they wanted to have such pieces of Asia in their gardens and at home.

Then demand on bonsai plants increased a lot and bonsai lovers started to learn the art of bonsai growing. Thus bonsai tree history came a long way and evolved a lot. Nowadays this form of live art is really popular in the Western and Eastern countries.

You can find more information over the internet and who knows, maybe you will become a fan of bonsai tree making and get a hobby for your lifetime.

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