History Of Bonsai Tree Growing

images (6) The origin of this beautiful art may be found in the history of Egyptian civilizations, and of course, in Eastern culture. The genesis of this art itself is attractive for more bonsai fans all over the world. In some countries people do not approve this art as they think that bonsai trees are forced to grow in pots and consider these conditions as anomaly and criticize them.

Does everybody know the beginning of this art? We can trace it back to the times of ancient Egyptian civilization where there were found some pectoral records as evidences that there were small potted plants about six thousand years ago. Such trees in stone-cut pots even were given as presents to some temples from pharaoh Ramses III.

Between 3 – 5 centuries the word ‘penzai’ can be found in the ancient Chinese writing at the time of the Dynasty Jin. Through the years and many cultures some changes and new elements went were added to this tender art of growing beautiful tiny trees.

Years later the bonsai trees traveled to Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and Japan. Then Japanese people have improved this tradition of rearing miniature plants and began grow them in their gardens and homes for decoration. More changes in the bonsai art were made during Tokugawa period of the history of Japan and then the tradition to grow trees in shallow trays with soil was started. A five-needle pine as one of the oldest bonsai tree is still kept in Japan and it is about five years old.

Western countries have changed the bonsai art into the bonsai of the modern style. Of course, first bonsai trees were brought to the western countries from Japan and China at the end of the XIX century. It was in Paris that the first bonsai exhibition took place and more other exhibitions were held later. Those exhibitions generated the public interest but still some people thought that bonsai plants looked unnatural and tortured.

But with the end of the World War II the public opinion on the bonsai changed. Many solders brought home the tiny trees and the interest in bonsai art was stimulated. Consumers wished to know everything about these miniature copies of large landscapes and they wished to have these toy trees at home and in their gardens.

Bonsai lovers began to learn this art when demand on bonsai miracles increased. It was a long and interesting way of evolution of this art and history and now bonsai is popular everywhere over the globe.

Now it is very easy to get all necessary information over the internet and you can find out everything you want to know about bonsai tree growing and this tender beautiful art may become your lifetime hobby and passion.

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