Do You Know The Meaning Of Bonsai Art?

images We sometimes wonder about the meaning of bonsai trees and are eager to understand what is there behind this beautiful art of growing miniature trees. “A tree in the pot” – it is a translation of the Japanese word itself but it does not clarify the whole thing. But do you know that the origin of the bonsai art is another Asian country and Japan has only succeeded this art of growing bonsai trees? “Pun sai” it was called in China and started more than a thousand years ago.

Some interesting ideas came from Chinese myths and legends and they say that once upon a time Chinese people created the plants looking like dragons, serpents, birds and other animals. The roots of this are in Chinese mythology and legends.

Of course, the meaning of the word and the art itself has changed afterwards, when Japanese people tried to learn this art of growing miniature bonsai trees. These little trees are a symbol of harmony and peace between nature and people. Buddhist monks viewed these plants this way and they brought this form of art to Japan. The grotesque forms of dragons and other monsters have disappeared and now bonsai trees are symbols of the balance, peace and harmony and all good for people.

We can find descriptions of how to grow bonsai trees and see even in the books published in the western world the influence of Buddhist monks that was left in the art of bonsai tree growing and has never disappeared. We mean talks about meditation and zen. In the practice of growing your bonsai tree you should prune and cut your tree having zen-like state of mind and meditative state. But general public has completely lost the root meaning of the bonsai trees during several years and now these miniature trees are just a kind of decoration and a note of Asia in the western homes. Whether it is good or bad you can decide for yourself.

However, when people do not buy bonsai trees but grow them, they understand what spiritual note this care of bonsai trees give them. They must understand their trees, listen to them and gently direct them into the chosen shape. They usually try to find a balance between their desires and the will of the tree. They must be patient and let the tree decide itself how fast it wants to grow and what its character is. The people while growing bonsai trees find much exciting inside them and in the middle of the process and sometimes discover their own meaning of bonsai.

If you are serious in your desire to grow bonsai trees and want to know everything about this ancient art of growing, you will get a nice hobby for your lifetime.

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