Short Guide And Meaning Of Bonsai Trees

images (8) They are very unordinary and fabulous, those little bonsai plants. Their incredible look attracts much attention of the people all over the globe but not only in Asian countries. If done correctly, they look gorgeous, and you will know the meaning of bonsai tree from this article.

The literally meaning is about something growing in a pot and it was Chinese people that came up with it and called it ‘pun-sai’. The early bonsai plants used to look like some fearsome mythical creatures – like dragons and serpents. And there were multiple legends and mythological stories around these innocent tiny trees.

However, the meaning of bonsai trees is quite simple and Japanese succeeded this unusual planting after the Chinese people had got bored of the bonsai trees, and the literal meaning of the word ‘bonsai’ is ‘a tree in a pot’. Simple and easy. Bonsai art was brought over Japan by Zen Buddhists and they formed the process of growing the trees into the art and it became much closer to what is wide spread now.

But with time bonsai trees became a sign and a symbol of wealthy people and their meaning was changed over the hundreds of years. Bonsai trees were like an opportunity for the upper class of the Japanese society to express themselves like through art. They became a bunch of love and nature, of human being and his soul. Bonsai plants mean art and we know none other way to describe them. Their meaning is art and that is all.

The first pruning was done in the 17th century and the art of bonsai tree growing and taming began then. Since those times many Japanese people grow their own bonsai plant at home. But before they just took some small trees from the wild and placed them on specially designed shelves for these trees. The practice of trimming and rooting of bonsai trees spread later.

Somewhere in the middle of 19th century the world found out the Japanese culture and the bonsai tree meaning and growing as a part of this culture. At that moment the meaning of bonsai changed. Western people like these tiny beautiful creations and took them home for decoration.

Yes, the meaning of bonsai tree is still taming of nature and an expression of the inner world of the people, but this meaning is hidden. Maybe it is the right time to show the world the true meaning of bonsai tree growing and to expose to many people who know nothing about this beautiful art its beauty. We still can bring this art to different countries and multiple hearts and to spread the bonsai tree growing art all over the world. If you like this art, spread it over the globe.

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