The Meaning Of The Process Of Growing Bonsai Trees

images (7) Bonsai tree growing is in fashion nowadays and consumers even buy silk bonsai trees for their homes and offices if they have no time or desire to create their own live miniature trees. They purchase trees made of plastic, wood, silk and clay instead of alive bonsai trees, but it means that this phenomenon hooked their brains and they like it. But what is the meaning of bonsai trees? Start with the meaning of the word. ‘A tree in a pot’ that is what it is and it is a translation from Japanese language, although China has its own word “pun sai” for this art and the magic of growing miniature trees started originally in Chine more than one thousand years ago. And the art that grew pun sai was called penjing.

Long ago, as mythology and legends say, people created these miniature trees in the shape of different animals, especially snakes and dragons. The roots of this are in the Chinese mythology too.

But then Japanese people learned to appreciate this form of art and the meaning of it has changed later. The Buddhist monks brought the art of bonsai growing and they understood this art like a sign of harmony between nature and humans. They have changed the shapes of the plants as well. Dragons and serpents have disappeared and just beautiful peaceful forms representing only good took their place.

Buddhist philosophy has a serious influence on the bonsai growing even nowadays. And to all appearances this influence will never disappear. The guidebooks tell us that we must grow bonsai trees for meditation and with a zen-like state of mind. Watering, pruning or cutting your bonsai tree always think of zen. They require a meditative state of mind for bonsai tree growing.

But the meaning has changed a lot recently, because general public know nothing about Buddhist meditation tips and zen-like state of mind and they want to have the miniature trees at work and at home only for beauty and decoration. They want to have a touch of Asian culture at home.

But if you want to grow your own bonsai tree but not buy it big, you will discover much new while taking care of your plant. You will see its spiritual note and find the balance between you and the tree. Your bonsai tree can decide itself how quick it is going to grow and what shape is more preferable for it. You should merely listen to it and try to understand its character and desire. The process of growing your own bonsai trees is full of mystery and new delicate feelings. This process will help you to find your own meaning of bonsai trees.

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