Replicating The Beauty Of Nature In Bonsai

images (6) The idea of copying nature’s beauty came into a great mind in a remote age. That person was a great genius and artist because he decided to create miniature plants, or dwarfed potted bonsai trees. The beauty of the art of bonsai gives deep peace of mind and special atmosphere.

We have known about dwarfed trees for long and the oldest authentic record of these miniature trees and herbaceous plants in trays was fixed at the beginning of the 14th century. Japan culture has brought through centuries many cultural phenomena, such as tea ceremony and flower arrangement. One of their traditional arts has become the cult of nature-bonsai growing. Great heroes and average men like this art deep-rooted in Japan.

The Tokugawa era came and the illustrations and descriptions of bonsai in the gardening books of the 17th and 18th centuries demonstrate that the skills in training and dwarfing the plants were great and the people tried to find new sorts of plants that could be dwarfed easily. They even grafted another tree branches and could turn one tree into another one. It was a real miracle.

The Tokugawa Era, an age of military ascendancy, made all professions hereditary and in those peaceful years the Japanese escaped from their daily life into something interesting and tender, they wanted to be free from restraint social life and devoted their free time to things like bonsai tree growing. And then the art of bonsai tree making was developed by amateur fanciers.

Professionals were only interested in materials, in ideas and in achievements amateurs have had. Amateur fanciers have greatly developed the skill of the art of bonsai and they are praised by every bonsai lover for their contribution into this tender art as they advanced bonsai tree making greatly. Japan has as many amateur fanciers as bonsai trees.

Many people have been enthusiastic about bonsai art as a hobby and build up huge collections of bonsai plants. Not only elderly generation but young people too find pleasure in bonsai tree making. People all over the world are infected by this illness of beauty and grow more and more home miracles in the trays.

All the information about bonsai art can be found over the internet. Bonsai lovers have possibilities to communicate and visit bonsai forums and share with their knowledge with freshers. Surt the internet and you may find some new friends growing bonsai and a hobby for the rest of your life. You will always have something that can give you a meditative state of mind and soul and your home will have unique decorations.

You can easily learn how to take care of bonsai plants, how to water them, fertilize, wire, prune and … love.

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