What Can Kill Bonsai Trees

images (1) There are several common comments from the beginners trying to grow their own bonsai trees. Usually they say:
“Once I was given a bonsai tree but it died” or “My bonsai tree suddenly turned brown”.

But keeping bonsai trees alive and healthy is much easier than people think and it is not a big secret. There are several main causes of bonsai death and they are: first – over watering, second – lack of water, third – living indoors for too long. And bonsai lovers should find the balance between the first two reasons because the third one is very easy to solve.

You should keep the soil in your bonsai tray moist but not wet. When the surface of the soil seems dry, you should scratch one centimeter below the surface and see how it looks there. It may be not only moist but even wet and not dry at all whey the surface can be dry. In this case the bonsai tree does not need any water yet. But sometimes the surface of the soil may look wet but at the same time it can be completely dry below. In this case the bonsai tree needs water and it must be soaked in a bowl of water until the soil in the tray is wet through.

Bonsai plants are living plants like any other and they need all the necessary elements that other trees usually require for their long and healthy life. They need enough sunlight, wind and rain, fresh air and even snow. They are all very important for normal growth and the tree health that is why you should keep your bonsai outside too. Of course, you will have a desire to keep your tiny bonsai creature inside as much as possible because you want to demonstrate your guests your bonsai as a thing of beauty and to get admiration your handy work. However, the best rule for this is to keep bonsai tree inside your home only one week in a month and keep it outside for the rest three weeks.

To make a resume. There are three main ways to keep your bonsai tree alive and healthy.

You should not over water it. Also you should know underwater it as too much water can kill bonsai trees even quicker than lack of water. And you should not keep your bonsai tree inside for long as it usually causes slow and painful death of the plant.

Bonsai tree growing is a beautiful and tender art you learn over time and experienced bonsai lovers can grow almost any tree into bonsai with the correct training and care. And if you learn how to grow your own bonsai plant, you have a great chance to rear a masterpiece.

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