Correct Care Of Bonsai Plants

images We like to use bonsai trees for decoration of our houses and gardens. These miniature replicas of large trees are in fashion in the modern world. Our gardens and homes get some additional charm with these tiny creatures. Some people like bonsai and want to decorate their lives with them but they often think that it is very difficult to take care of bonsai plants and that is why they refuse to grow them and prefer to dream. Actually it is not difficult to look after bonsai but you must aware some basic things and follow the guidelines you can find. The main points of the bonsai care are the following.

The very important thing for successful maintaining your bonsai plant is soil. Transpiration and watering, rooting and feeding and some other procedures depend on the quality of the soil mix you use. During the growing season your bonsai tree must be fertilized with a good fertilizer at least one time a month. You must apply the fertilizer on wet soil and its type depends on the species of your bonsai plant.

Water is absolutely necessary for every living organism and you must understand the importance of correct watering. Taking good care of your bonsai plant you must know the amount of water that your bonsai needs. Often bonsai trees die because of dehydration, but they also may die because of over watering. Both extremes are bad for plants: dehydration caused by lack of water and overwatering is harmful for the bonsai trees. You should water your plant when the soil in the pot seems dry.

Branch pruning and root pruning are the two main types of pruning that are used in bonsai gardening. Spring is the most preferable season for them and you can remove all the unnecessary branches before the leaves cover and hide them. Prune the roots of your plant too when you repot it.

If you want to grow beautiful plant you should think of correct shaping. Use bonsai wiring if you are going to grow bonsai into the aesthetic art form. It is a great bonsai gardening skill and it is not very easy to master it. Wire only necessary branches trying to control the direction of the branches. Correct wiring will give the bonsai a good shape, but incorrect wiring can damage the whole tree.

Surf the internet and you will find there a lot of different sources about bonsai growing and after you go through the details, you will have a good idea about taking care of bonsai trees. Very simple recommendations may give the best results and if you follow them, you will grow a healthy and beautiful bonsai tree for your home.

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