Information On The Incredible Bonsai Tree And Precisely How To Prune Them

images (19) Bonsai is a Japanese word, but its beginnings are Chinese and are derived from the word “punsa”. This word stands for “tree in a pot” The practice of growing trees inside a pot was originally Chinese, however the practice of growing the Bonsai Tree was made into an art form by the Japanese when the concept was introduced to them about 5 centuries ago.

It was not until the early 1900s that the Bonsai Tree was introduced towards the western world, but it quickly became not just a popular hobby to engage in, but started to be considered a serious art form in horticulture by many citizens. Today, you’ll find Bonsai Tree displays and exhibits, in addition to shops dedicated towards the Bonsai Tree.

It is really a common misconception that the Bonsai Tree is small naturally, but it’s not correct. The Bonsai Tree comes from the exact same seed as its larger counterpart, but is grown in a specific way to make certain that it remains tiny.

Its crucial for any amateur to know that the main element to growing a Bonsai is pruning this is the methodology used that allows the tree to stay small. Without regular pruning, the Bonsai Tree will grow to it’s regular height and size.

The roots of a Bonsai Tree should be pruned to ensure that it will remain healthy. By pruning the root base, it produces a small thick ball or pack of root that permits it to be transplanted to an appropriate container. When pruning the roots, one-third of the roots are taken out yearly to ensure that new potting soil can be added and provide space for brand new roots to develop.

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