Harmful Things For Your Bonsai Tree

images (16) Do you know what is harmful to your bonsai plant? There are some wide spread reasons that kill these tiny creatures. And as a rule these several common reasons get the same comments from the beginners in bonsai gardening. Usually the fresh bonsai gardeners say that their bonsai has turned brown or has died all of a sudden.

But it is not so difficult to keep the bonsai tree alive and healthy for long years and it is not a secret now. The real reasons of bonsai trees death and diseases are following: too little of watering, too much of watering and living inside your dwelling without fresh air and natural conditions for too long. Every beginner should find the ideal balance between the watering and overwatering. Then you can easily decide the last cause.

The soil in your bonsai tray must be moist but not wet. Take it as your motto when you think of watering. Keep the soil moist but not wet. You can easily monitor this if you look one centimeter below the surface of the soil in the tray and see how wet the soil is there. It must be moist or even wet under the surface but not dry. In this case your bonsai plant needs no extra watering. But the scene may be the opposite and the soil may have wet look on the surface but be very dry below; then your bonsai wants watering.

Trees in the natural conditions need all the elements of the nature that surround them outside and your tiny bonsai tree needs them too because it is a living creature and is eager these all for healthy life. Trees must receive enough natural rain, wind, snow, sunlight and fresh air. All these features of nature are necessary for normal growth and healthy life of your bonsai tree and you should keep it outside too. You can bring your bonsai tree inside to show it to your guests but most of the time it should be kept outside in as natural conditions as possible. So, keep your beautiful handy work inside for a week and then three weeks outside. Remember this rule of bonsai tree growing.

If you take into consideration these simple rules you will manage to grow healthy and attractive bonsai tree.

You should not keep your bonsai inside your house for too long; you should not underwater the tree or overwater it. These aspects may be harmful to your tiny tender tree. Find balanced manner of watering and keep it outdoors for healthier life, allow your bonsai tree to live its natural life.

If you understand the art of bonsai growing, you will be able to rear a real masterpiece and enjoy your handy work.

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