Seasons Of Your Bonsai Tree

images (15) With your love and correct care your bonsai tree will be attractive and healthy all the year round. These tiny alive creatures are merely miniature replicas of the big trees living in natural conditions. And that is why with the changing of the seasons the changes are big and usual for these little trees too. The seasonal changes of the bonsai appearance happen during a year and each and every season demands different types of care and you must change your approach to bonsai gardening from season to season too.

Of course, the most active season full of alterations and fresh changes is spring. Bonsai tree care is in full swing in spring as your plant awakes after the winter dormant period and has all the signs of growth. Spring is the busiest season in the gardening and bonsai growing is not an exception. All the gardeners know about this tradition. Deciduous bonsai plants must be repotted at springtime and their roots and branches must be pruned as spring is the right period for these procedures. The late winter or early spring is the optimal time for repotting and the major rule for this that your bonsai must be repotted before the first buds break.

Before the foliage appears on the branches of your tree, it is the right time to do the pruning as you can see every dead or unnecessary branch. The new shoots must be cut down too. Think of the wires and remove the unnecessary old ones from the bark of your coniferous bonsai tree. Do it at springtime too. But you should not fertilize your bonsai in spring because it may harm the root system of your tree. It is forbidden to fertilize bonsai plants at springtime.

You see the maximum growth of your bonsai during summer. You should use late winter or early spring to prune and repot your tree but you can trim or prune it in summer too, especially those shoots that are growing too quickly. On deciduous trees the shoots must be cut to a pair of leaves.

Wire your bonsai during summer as it is correct time for this procedure. Shape your tree and train it, remove all the previous wire if your tree is already in shape.

Control the soil and when it is hot, water your bonsai daily, and even twice a day. You should fertilize your tree in summer as it needs much feeding then.

Autumn and winter slow down all the growing processes in bonsai trees. Do not prune your plant in autumn and give your tree rest in winter and remove all the wire from the trunk and branches of the tree. Do not water your tree much in winter.

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