Bonsai Art And Its Meaning

images (13) As for me, when I first saw a bonsai tree, I wanted to know everything about the history and the meaning of this phenomenon. Trees in the trays – it was so exciting and it is the translation of the word ‘bonsai’. It is of Japanese origin but not Japan was a birth country for this art. Maybe these tiny trees hide something special behind this art? This phenomenon was originated in some other Eastern country and later came to Japan. The origin was in China, and some centuries later Japanese people inherited this art and improved it. The bonsai appeared about one thousand years ago.

Dragons, serpents, birds and some other fabulous animals – they all were recreated in the shapes of bonsai trees. And the legends and myths tell us about mysterious creatures in the form of animals. Ancient Chinese literature is full of these stories and they have deep roots in Chinese mythology.

Later the meaning of bonsai art changed a lot and Japanese society liked bonsai much. Peace and harmony between nature and people – the main meaning of the bonsai art. The idea was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks and the fabulous shapes of dragons have been lost and forgotten and bonsai represent peace and harmony and all good.

In the descriptions, guides and books about bonsai growing, the influence of Buddhist monks is still seen very well. The texts tell about zen-like state of mind and meditation while you are growing your bonsai tree. You should water your bonsai and meditate, prune its branches and think of zen, wire its shoots and be as calm as a Buddhist monk. Cutting and shaping should be done in the meditative state of mind.

Nevertheless this origin meaning has been completely lost and forgotten and now general public practice bonsai growing only for decoration and even purchase artificial silk bonsai trees because they do not want to take care of the natural plants.

But if you are ready to create your own bonsai but not to buy a silk one, you will know the spiritual notes of this miniature miracle. Every day will bring you something new and you will be discovering your bonsai plant during its life. You will understand what pleasure is to rear bonsai. You will have to learn your tree, know its nature and wills, understand its desires and features. Both you and your tree will grow together in the desirable direction and you will direct each other gently. The balance is necessary when you are growing a bonsai miniature. You both will be patient and allow each other to display your characters. You both will make your own decisions. The fragile tiny creature will make you stronger and nicer.

People always try to decorate their houses with different plants to create a feeling of unity with nature. One of such great houseplants is bonsai tree bringing the feeling of peace, harmony, and all good things. Bonsai tree devotees and those who are searching details about this plant, are invited to go to this bonsai trees for sale site – the right spot to find information about bonsai tree and how to purchase it.

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