A Little About the Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai Tree

5 Bonsai trees make perfect living species for our yards and our homes but only if we know how to care for them. Many bonsai trees take lots of education in order to care for them properly, but there are definitely species of bonsai trees that are great for beginners.

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is a miniature version of the Hawaiian umbrella tree, and is a perfect bonsai for first timers. The reason for this is because of the ease of care, and the ability to grow the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree indoors. They can live easily with little light, and are easily pruned by a beginner.

You will find that the leaves of the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree look like little umbrellas, and with so many of them delicately hanging over to one side, the name is perfect for this plant.

How to Care for It

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree needs to be fertilized once every spring, to allow for further growth during the summer. Using a general grass, tree and plant fertilizer is fine but it should be used at half strength.

Although the Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree does not need a lot of sunlight, it does need to be watered frequently. You should water the tree every 2-3 days and make sure that when it’s watered, you let the water practically drown the tree so that water rushes out the bottom holes of the pot. This should insure that the soil never gets dry, something you should avoid at all costs if you want to see your Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree grow and thrive.

The Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree is prone to both insects and disease, so keeping it inside and under a watchful eye can mean the difference between life and death for it. Misting the leaves and spraying the trunk well a couple of times per week should help to keep these indoor bonsai trees clean and free from bugs and diseases.

Pruning the tree is easy, as the leaves do not grow too fast and can be kept nice and tight with a couple cuts of the shears every month or so. If you like the bushy look of a Hawaiian umbrella bonsai tree that is not pruned, you can even get away with trimming the overgrown parts of the tree every few months.

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