How To Take Care Of Your Juniper Bonsai Tree And Make It Last For Several Years

3 Caring for your juniper bonsai plant is not exactly a fulltime job. If you can spare a few minutes in the morning and then a few more minutes in the afternoon to take care of your juniper bonsai plant, that would be enough to keep your plant alive. To help you take care of your juniper bonsai tree, here are some tips for you.

Watering Your Tree

Watering your juniper bonsai tree every day is very important. Note there is only a small amount of soil in which your bonsai tree grows. Without lots of soil to absorb moisture, your plant can easily wilt and die.

To make sure that your plant stays healthy and strong, you need to keep its roots moist most of the time. Water your plants thoroughly in the morning and in the afternoon.

When watering your juniper bonsai tree, you need to let the water trickle from the top of the plant gently. Do not just pour a lot of water into your plant to avoid washing away the soil.

Make sure that you wet all the leaves and branches of your juniper bonsai tree to prevent insects from making the tree their home. Insects do not like a wet environment so if you wet the entire bonsai tree everyday, insects will be less likely to live in that tree.

Repotting Your Tree

You need to repot your juniper tree at regular intervals. Repotting is especially important while the bonsai tree is still developing. No, repotting will not kill your juniper tree. In fact, repotting can make your tree look better and healthier.

Repotting actually prevents the tree from being bound to the pot. It also encourages the tree to grow new feeder roots. New feeder roots allow the bonsai tree to absorb more moisture and help the tree grow more evenly in the pot.

To repot your juniper bonsai tree, uproot the tree gently and then prune its roots. Make sure that you only cut off a small amount of the roots. Too much pruning on the roots can make your tree look sickly.

After pruning the roots of your juniper bonsai tree, arrange the roots of the juniper tree inside the new pot. Cover the roots of the tree with just enough soil and then add some water. Your tree will need a few days to recover after repotting.

If some of the leaves of your bonsai tree turns yellow and start falling off a few days after repotting, add a little more soil to your plant and keep it in a shady place in the house most of the time for a few days. Do not put too much water into your indoor bonsai trees. Too much water will make the roots of the plant rot.

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