Cultivating a Mango Bonsai Tree

1 Cultivating a mango bonsai plant is not an easy thing to do but it can be done. You would actually have to sacrifice the fruit for this experience because no bonsai plant can hold up the mango when it is full grown. A mango bonsai tree does not necessarily have to be the typical bonsai that is around three feet tall. Many people who grow mango bonsai have them growing up to six to eight feet tall. Considering the height of full grown healthy trees in the many plantations all over the tropical world, these are small.

Dwarf Mango Vs Mango Bonsai

Many people recommend having the dwarf variety of mango trees if you wish to have a smaller mango tree compared to the ones that grow up to several meters high. The problem with these dwarf mango plants is that they are still quite large when compared to traditional indoor bonsai trees, which are just an average of a few feet. These dwarf mango trees are around eight feet high at ten years old and can already bear flowers and fruits. In spite of these limitations, there are many successful bonsai trees that are mango.

Mango bonsai trees will not have any fruit if you do not wish to have your tree labored by the heavy fruit. Mango fruits may weight heavily on a small bonsai because these can have many fruits. The leaves of the mango bonsai are also not so suitable for the smaller variety of bonsai because they are quite large and elongated. Your mango bonsai will still have to be bigger and taller than your average bonsai if you succeed in cultivating one.

The easiest way to cultivate a mango bonsai is through buying seedlings from nurseries. Growing from a seed may take a long time because these trees take long to reach maturity. Many bonsai experts suggest constant pruning and trimming to maintain the size of the mango tree without touching or changing anything in the roots. The most you can do with the mango bonsai roots is just to confine them in a small pot to discourage full growth.

Some experts, on the other hand, do suggest doing exactly as you do with other bonsai trees for a successful mango bonsai plant. They just suggest constant pruning of the leaves and branches to maintain the right proportions and to discourage the development of flowers and fruits which can break off some branches of your mango bonsai.

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