Learning About Oak Bonsai

tải xuống The hobby of bonsai has its roots in Japan. This centuries-old tradition incorporates taking full size plants and through a series of pruning and root trimming keeping them in miniature size.

Part of the tradition is finding plants that will retain the look of their full size in the miniature size. Trees, shrubs and bushes that are able to retain their full leaves or pines make for ideal candidates for this type of work, although not all are able to adapt to this conditioning.

The oak tree has been used successfully in indoor bonsai trees, and many work with this tree to create the diminutive tree.

Working With Oak Bonsai

The oak bonsai can be created by using the white oak of the English oak family. This tree can be found in many different climates around the world and does work well for creating an oak bonsai.

When beginning to pot an oak bonsai remember to find a pot that will give the tree some room to grow. These trees can get exceptionally tall as a bonsai and need the space to grow. When planting the oak bonsai make sure to place it a little off center in the planter to give the correct appearance as a bonsai tree.

The proper soil also needs to be used, so make sure to have the potting soil that is used for bonsai plants in order to give the oak bonsai its appropriate nutrition at this critical point in its development.

The pot should also contain material that will help drain the excess water. Bonsai trees sometimes have a problem with becoming over watered and this can result in the tree dying. The oak bonsai tolerates over watering better than some other trees but it is still important to include proper drainage material such as crushed rock or finely chopped wood.

The oak bonsai should be pruned and shaped at this beginning stage too. Evaluate the natural growth of the plant to make the ideal shape. Wire can be used to form a better line in the shape of the tree. The roots need to be pruned down in order to begin the process of containing the tree. The roots need to be a little longer than the branches in order to get the best results.

The oak bonsai is a beautiful tree and the leaves will change colors throughout the season going from grey or pink to dark green then brown and finally red in the fall, adding to the splendor of this plant.

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