Bonsai Plant Food is Essential For a Healthy Plant

images (5) Bonsai is an ancient Chinese art which originated in China almost 100 years ago, and was later developed by the Japanese. This art of growing plants has become popular all over the world, and the term bonsai literally means “tree in a pot”. The bonsai plant gives a great aesthetic effect to any area, and the procedure of dwarfing includes pruning of branches and roots, and wiring the branches and trunks. Several other techniques are used to give it the look of a mature tree.

Including plants, all living beings need more than just water to stay alive, and thrive. Bonsai trees are the miniature versions of conventional trees, but they still need some kind of food in order to live and grow. Fertilizers are the common bonsai plant foods, but they also need carbon dioxide, sunlight and water. These combined together are changed into carbohydrate and sugar, and serve as food for bonsai plants. Fertilizers are the bonsai plant foods supplying them significant minerals and vitamins. For various enzyme procedures and cell divisions, fertilizers provide nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.
Nitrogen is an important ingredient in bonsai plant foods, and is causative for extension of leaves and tree’s green color. Nitrogen also helps bonsai plant in its development, and determines segments growth.

Fertilizer is absorbed through the roots of the bonsai plant, and this process is called osmosis. The bonsai plant food must be given after dissolving with water, as is capable of moving further within the plant. Major soaking of bonsai plant food is done by the roots, but the fertilizer can be taken through the leaves as well.
Some of the most commonly used bonsai plant foods are Hoyoku Premium Bonsai Care System, Mir-Acid Powder, Miracle-Gro Powder, Peter’s Houseplant food, Peters All purpose Plant Food, Schults Acid Plus Plant Food, Schultz All purpose plant good, Fish Emulsion, Osmocote 2 Types, Maxigrow Premium Plant Food, Organica Kelp Plant Booster, Liquid Iron, Rape Seed Cake Fertilizer, Schultz Iron green, Liquid Seaweed and Schultz Blood Meal.

Bonsai plant foods must be given in certain proportions, and over-fertilizing can lead to burning, and many other subtle effects such as overly large leaves, soft turgid leaves, weak stems, low resistance to fungal pathogens, long internodes, low resistance to insect damage, and more attractiveness to certain insects.

You can buy bonsai plants and bonsai plant foods from the internet, but make sure that you buy from a reliable dealer. When choosing bonsai plant foods, selecting organic food is a better choice as it releases nitrogen slowly.

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