How to Care For and Grow a Bonsai Tree

tải xuống (1) Bonsai trees are common in many yards, gardens and homes. But learning how to care for and grow bonsai trees is something that can take some time learning in order to see your bonsai tree flourish the way you’d like. Although learning the steps to caring for and growing a bonsai tree is simple, it will take time to know your own tree and its exact needs. So while implementing the bonsai tree care instructions to follow, make sure to keep in mind that your individual tree may need a small adjustment from the recommended indications in order for it to grow at its maximized ability.

Where to Put It

Different bonsai trees have different needs, but there are two main differences between the bonsai species. Educate yourself as to what type of bonsai tree you are purchasing.

The indoor bonsai tree needs little light to survive, although moving it a couple of days a week to a window that offers sunlight will help to keep your bonsai in top condition.

The outdoor bonsai should be kept in sunlight during the spring, winter and fall months but be kept in harsh cold conditions while it’s hibernating during the winter months. If possible, take your tree out of the pot during the winter months and plant it directly into the ground where it will be kept well away from the sun.

To learn how to care for and grow both outdoor and indoor bonsai trees you should make sure to read the specific instructions in regard to the tree that you choose. If the tree doesn’t come with specific instructions, make sure to ask the place you purchase the tree from for instructions.

How to Water It

Another part of learning how to care for and grow a bonsai tree is how to water the tree properly. You should know two specific things:

– Never let the soil get dry
– Never go more than 3 days without watering the bonsai, indoors or outdoors, even if the soil is not yet dry

You should also make sure to drown the tree in water until you see water spilling into the plate under the pot.


The final necessary learning curve of how to care for and grow indoor bonsai trees is fertilization. An outdoor tree should be fertilized once a month in all seasons except for winter when the tree is dormant. Indoor trees should be fertilized once a month during the spring only. You can use any fertilizer that you like, but dilute it to about half strength.

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