How to Grow Bonsai Trees part 2

images (4) Watering

Because the pot is so shallow, it is very important that the bonsai tree be watered every day. To avoid the possibility of the roots drying out, it may even be necessary to water twice a day during hot summer days. A properly balance mixture of sand and peat moss will eliminate any possibility of over watering.
The bonsai will need to be fed regularly during spring and summer growth periods. A good fish emulsion fertilizer used according to manufacturer instructions. Make sure you only fertilize the soil, not directly on the tree itself.
Every two to three years the bonsai will need to be repotted. Hold the tree by the trunk and using a blunt stick remove the soil from the outer roots. Shorten all the roots, trimming away the heaviest of the old roots. Repot the plant ensuring that there is room around the root ball for fresh soil. To help the tree survive the trauma of repotting, place the tree in the shade and do not fertilize for a couple of weeks.

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