Olive Bonsai Care Information

Olive Bonsai Care Tips

111Two things to remember about providing water for bonsai are the type of soil and species. Different soils will absorb and retain water at different rates and different tree species have varying degrees of water need. Watering is the most important aspect of caring for bonsai, especially for bonsai that is kept indoors for too long.
Most websites that specialize in these products offer the same seeds, pots, containers, fertilizers, pruning shears, and starter kits that you would find in retail stores, but for a much lower price. It was the Chinese who introduced the miniature ornamental trees in the period of the second century BC. Bonsai is often found in the center of a garden when set alongside an urban or wild landscape.

Olive Bonsai Care Advice

By repeatedly pruning it, the foliage will be more compact and you will see that the flowers it produces will be more colorful. Bonsai enthusiasts take on the study of pruning and shaping the plant. Bonsais live for many years and some families consider as prized possessions.
Growing it is a test of persistence and if you haven’t got it, better get a new hobby. Bonsai isn’t a plant you can trifle with. A chance to watch something grow old with you.

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