Bonsai Tree Care Instructions

Bonsai Tree Care Instructions‘Bonsai’ is a Japanese word for a miniature potted tree. In Chinese it is known as ‘Penzai’. Bonsai creation is an age old art. For a long time the technique used to be passed down from generation to generation. However, somehow the secret was revealed and now everyone can make their very own bonsai. To what end? Well, for any nature lover, out there, its is a great idea to have your favorite trees in your house. But if, like me, you don’t really have the space to have a full sized tree in your house (which is obvious), you can miniaturize the trees. This way you can have your cake and eat it too.
Bonsai creation is a careful art and a specific science of shaping, watering, and repotting the plant in various containers with a set technique. Bonsais can be created out of any wood stemmed plant or shrub plant that can branch out. The size is confined with the help of crown and root pruning. But, enough of this. You are not here to find out how to create a bonsai (the next article can be on that, between you and me!), you are here for bonsai tree care instructions. So let us begin!
Bonsai Tree Care Instructions # 1
Plant Psychology: No, you do not need to study psychology for that. You just need to understand the requirements of your plant. Like human beings, plants have environmental requirements too. These requirements are specific to their nature. As such if you have a bonsai of a tropical tree, then I dare say that cold weather will not fair too well for it. So, bare in mind that the size doesn’t matter, all trees have needs and those needs need to be met.
Bonsai Tree Care Instructions # 2
Diet Control: Does this mean that you need to give your bonsai vitamin supplements? No! You just need to make sure that you water the bonsai properly. For normal sized plants, over or under-watering, at times, is all right, the plants have the capacity to work around it. However, if you have chosen a bonsai, you need to know that they are a little fussy about their diet. After all, you need them to stay in shape, right? So make sure that you treat your bonsai like Goldilocks, not too much water and not too less. It has to be "just right"!
Bonsai Tree Care Instructions # 3
Outdoor creature: Barring a few climatic specifications, bonsais are inherently outdoor creatures. Just because they are tiny and gorgeous, do not mistake them to be domestic. They love the outdoors and really thrive in fresh air. However, they are not as rugged as you may want to believe, so revert back to bonsai care instructions # 1 to know how to decide to what extent can the bonsai stay out.

Other than these 3 Golden Rules, you need to make sure that like all plants, you treat your bonsai like family, All plants thrive when treated like an equal. So occasional music (at medium volume) and quality conversations can do wonders for the tiny tot plant!
This is where I sign off! Hope you have fun with your bonsai!

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