What You Need To Know About Bonsai Seeds

images (18) Miniature trees can be cultivated from bonsai seeds. They are easy to find and propagate. You can avail bonsai seeds from various garden stores, nursery, and online shops. Propagating bonsai trees from bonsai seeds are trouble-free as long as you observe the proper ways and techniques in growing them.

What is the ideal bonsai seed species for you?

There are no ideal bonsai seeds but there are recommended seeds for professional cultivators and beginners in bonsai cultivation. There are bonsai seeds that need a lot of effort, time, and patience when dealing and growing them. Thus, it is recommended for professional bonsai cultivators that have enough experience because by then they can institute their own ways or experiences on how to propagate it. And, some are very versatile that need only little care which are recommended for beginners.

How to take care of the bonsai seeds?

Taking care of bonsai seeds are very important to ensure that they will not get damaged. A seed that is good can be propagated well, and the seed’s condition is essential so that you will become successful in growing a bonsai tree. You can ensure an excellent seed by keeping it fresh, and to maintain the freshness of the seed you have to refrigerate it. First thing you need to do is to put the seeds inside a plastic bag, and then label it with the name of the seed species. Next is that you have to put it inside the refrigerator. The temperature inside should be between 5 to 6 degree Celsius.

How to prepare bonsai seeds before sowing them?

Preparing them is very important so that you will be sure that they will grow. The preparation involves allowing them to germinate. Germination is done in two ways which are natural germination and forced germination. Natural germination is a process where you allow them to undergo scarification and stratification processes in a natural way. You need to choose an appropriate soil for the specific species, and then plant them in it during the season of autumn. Then, you will be able to see on the next spring that they have turned into a bonsai sprout or a growing bonsai plant. Forced germination is the process where you artificially perform the scarification and stratification processes, thus you are imitating the processes in order for them to germinate any time you want. But it is necessary for you to ask from a bonsai expert on what processes should you perform that is applicable to your bonsai seed species, and how to perform them effectively.

What type of soil is appropriate for your bonsai seeds?

Using the appropriate type of soil is very necessary because it will serve as a medium where the seeds will germinate and propagate. You have to know what soil type should be used in your bonsai seed species. The soil should be able to retain sufficient moisture necessary for your bonsai seed to grow and develop, and the soil should as well have good drainage so that it will drain out excess water in the soil.

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