Choosing Among The Types Of Bonsai Trees

tải xuống Bonsai trees are miniaturized versions of the bigger trees. These bonsai trees are shaped into many different styles and forms to please the beholder. The types of bonsai trees’ styles are varied and enhance the beauty of the trees themselves. The pots in which they are planted in must also be correlated to the type of style the tree is trained to be.
Variations of Bonsai Trees
The different types of bonsai trees are categorized in many different styles. These styles are formal upright, informal upright, cascade, semi cascade, slant and windswept. These are the different types of bonsai trees available for shaping, training or forming.
Formal upright style is the style where the trunk of the tree is straight upwards and the first lower branches are far wider than the rest. The preceding branches will then proceed to shape an overall triangular look for the tree. This is a great shape for beginners to practice with. Trees that are suitable for these types of bonsai trees style are Pine, Larch, Juniper and Spruce.
Tree Species Help To Form Bonsai Plants
Other types of bonsai trees formation are the informal upright and the slant style. The informal upright style is similar to the formal upright except that the top branch needs to be extended forward instead of upwards. This lends the tree an impression of motion. The slant on the other hand is a style where the tree trunk extends to one direction while the lowest branch extends to the other direction. This style is quite common and very easy to train. Informal upright types of bonsai trees style are suitable for Beech, Japanese maple and Trident Maple trees while the slant style can be done on almost any bonsai tree.

Other types of bonsai trees style are the cascade and the semi cascade. The cascade types of bonsai trees are those that have a sloping effect. The trunk is vertical and then is turned to one direction while the branches are trained to slope or cascade lower than the surface of the pot. The semi cascade is similar to the cascade except the trunk gradually slopes instead of turns to one direction.
The windswept style looks like the bonsai tree has been beset by strong winds. It looks a bit unruly and beautifully unkempt. These are most of the common styles that bonsai plants are usually trained to be. These styles and types have been practiced for centuries as an art form.

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