Bonsai Care: Things To Consider When Caring For Your Plants

tải xuống (4) Bonsai plants are generally very delicate. They need a lot of care and attention. Indeed, bonsai care is one job that you cannot just take for granted. If you are interested in having bonsai plants in your home, here are some bonsai care tips for you.
Lighting And Ventilation
Light and proper ventilation are two of the most important things that you need to remember for bonsai care. Like almost all other types of plants, bonsai plants need light to survive. Yes, most bonsai plants can survive indoors but you will need to give it enough light to thrive. Since different types of plants have different requirements when it comes to light and ventilation, you need to study the requirements of your plants.
To save on energy, use natural light and fresh air for you bonsai plants. Place your bonsai plant near a window where it can get enough sunlight and fresh air. However, since bonsai plants are sensitive to heat and the wind, do not expose your plant to excessive heat and wind. To make sure that your plant is not exposed to too much sun and wind, expose your plant to directly sunlight for just a few minutes everyday and then put it in a shady place thereafter. If you are one of those people who are out of the house most of the time, try not to leave your plant near a window that will be directly exposed to sunlight for a long time during the day.

Watering Your Plant
When it comes to bonsai care, water is very important. Note that your plant has a limited amount soil to help it retain moisture so it will need to be watered regularly. Once the roots of your plant are devoid of moisture, your plant will start to go dry. To keep your plant healthy, sprinkle water on your plant in the morning and in the afternoon. During a hot day, it would be best to sprinkle some water on your plant two to three times a day.
Pruning Your Bonsai Plant
Your bonsai care routine will not be complete if you do not know when and how to prune your plant. Since different plants have different pruning requirements, you just have to determine on your own when the right time to prune your plants is. There are no hard and fast rules when to prune your bonsai plant. Just take care that you do not cut away too much too much of the branches and end up killing your plant.

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